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Going on two decades now, we at Intercultural ODYSSEYS have relied on one boutique law firm for all of our organizational legal needs. Throughout the years they have proven equally reliable, efficient and affordable for the legal needs of our individual staff members. We are proud to recommend their expertise for all of your legal needs in Costa Rica.

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Welcome to Costa Rica's premier Artist Residency since 2007.                                   Accepting new applications beginning January 2024.



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Why pay excessive fees for basic legal services in Costa Rica? We provide the same legal services as high-end legal firms, often more efficiently and in less time. Why pay for their expensive overhead? 

Also, beware of individuals or organizations who act as middlemen, charging you a hefty commission, sometimes equal to or in excess of an attorney's fees-just to hand you off to an attorney who does the actual work!


Our fields of expertise include:

  • Costa Rica Residency, ​Temporary and Permanent: Residency for Investors, Residency for Retirees, Residency for Foreign Workers, Residency by Marriage.
  • Family Law: Marriage, Divorce, Adoptions, Guardianship, and Conservatorship.
  • Estate Planning: Revocable Living Trust, Wills and Living Will, Power Of Attorney, Advance Health Care Directive.
  • Immigration Law
  • Notary Services
  • ​Real Estate: Evictions, plus the purchase, lease, or sale of properties. 
  • Labor Law: Wrongful Termination, Workers Compensation, Unlawful Detainer.
  • ​Intellectual Property: trademark registrations and trade names.
  • ​Criminal Law:  Litigation and Arbitration​.